New Blind Systems

We have introduced two new blind systems, designed with child and pet safety in mind. But as well as being safety compliant these new systems look great and operate smoothly.

The LiteRise® is a stylish, tensioned product that functions with a simple push-up and pull-down operation. No cords mean that it looks clean and uncluttered, and it is the safest operating method on the market. This system works with both Duette and regular pleated blinds.

The SmartCord™ system uses a patented retractable cord design that smoothly pulls the cord back into the head rail after use. This means that the single cord will return to a consistent length and will no longer fall dangerously to floor level. It looks elegant and has no loop, making these blinds far safer than previous corded systems. This system is available only in pinoleum and Duette pleated blinds.