Private Residence, Barlavington, West Sussex

Mr B. contacted Grand Design Blinds with an unusual request; he had an oak-framed gable window and wanted blinds for privacy and shading, however, he wanted the blinds to pull upwards and to only cover the lower rectangular section, with no horizontal rail crossing the window. He had failed to find any other blind companies who could offer this solution, but Grand Design Blinds were happy to take on the challenge. We came up with a proposal for manual tensioned Duette pleated blinds with discreet cords running up to the top of the window, whilst the blinds would be made to cover only the lower part of the window. The client was happy to have found the solution he was looking for and was kind enough to send us a very positive testimonial.


"It was trickier trying to find a 'blind' solution than it was to get the gable end glass designed and installed. After seeing a few other companies come to a grinding halt with any potential solution, Grand Design Blinds did what they said they would do - respond fast with ideas, create a bespoke solution, and fastidiously install the end result. All done with professional aplomb." Mr B.

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