Gable Window Blinds

Gable windows are often the most difficult to manufacture blinds for; we use specialist machinery to cut blinds to the required shape and labour-intensive hand manufacturing to ensure a perfect finish.

‘Top-Down’ pleated blinds drop down from the angled top of the window, fanning out and then dropping horizontally if the window requires; these are especially suited to shallow-pitched gables. These gable blinds are difficult to make well, but do clear the glass entirely. ‘Bottom-Up’ pleated blinds have the benefit of providing privacy when partly retracted, especially for windows on upper floors. These blinds require slim support cables running up the glass, but are ideal if manual operation is required and one can reach the top of the window.

Our preferred options for both functionality and value for money are shaped aluminium Venetian blinds; these tilt fully and are retractable on rectangular sections, or roller blinds; these are best on symmetrical triangular windows but we can also supply battened tensioned roller blinds in many shapes. The tilt mechanism can be motorised with remote-control battery motors requiring no cabling. An increasingly popular option is wooden plantation shutters; these can be made to a wide variety of shapes with shading controlled by tilting the louvres. For those who prefer a bold modern look; vertical blinds can be mounted on angled headrails with differing lengths of vanes to fit to the shape of the glazing. Alternatively Roman or Pinoleum Blinds can be used, hanging conventionally and pulling up to where they reach the shaped top section – ideal to co-ordinate with other regular blinds in the same room.


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