Bifold Door Blinds

Bifold doors or, more accurately, folding sliding doors, present a challenge for blind design and installation – the doors fold tightly together, so the only options are for slim blinds to be mounted to the doors themselves or to fit the blinds outside the door recess.

Pleated blinds are very slim and therefore can be mounted against the glass of the doors without hitting each other with the doors retracted. The fabric is hard-wearing and washable, so if the doors open outwards, the blinds will not suffer in a brief rain shower. For covering large expanses of glass, roller blinds are ideal and can be fitted into recesses to maintain a clean minimal look. Wooden Venetian blinds are perfect for a more traditional look and can be fixed above the doors if they open outwards. Very slim aluminium Venetian blinds can be fitted to the doors themselves, with clips to prevent them swinging as the door moves. The Perfect Fit blinds system may be suitable for this solution, holding the blind against the glass without the need to screw into the frame.


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