Sloping Window Blinds

Steeply sloping glazing can be difficult to provide shading for; often this type of glazing is extensive, such as in an office atrium, and therefore adequate shading is essential. Ordinary roller blinds are prone to sagging and operation can be difficult, but Grand Design Blinds has the solution.

High quality tensioned roller blinds are ideal for large expanses of glazing, intermediate rollers can also be provided to prevent sagging on very long blinds or to form the blind into a curve. For smaller projects, a less industrial solution would be required and our sprung roller blinds can be operated with cords and pulleys while maintaining adequate tension. Pinoleum or Roman blinds are another solution as the blind can be provided with guide wires at the sides to hold the blind against the glass, ideal if a particular fabric is required or a more traditional look is to be achieved. Tensioned pleated blinds are often the best solution for small to medium sized projects, Duette® double-pleated fabric can also be used with the added benefit of hidden support wires with the blind closed, ideal for full blackout effect. Another option is to have Venetian blinds with guide wires or tracks to hold them on a slope.


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