Arched Window Blinds

Arches are one of the most challenging shapes for blinds, as headrails for vertically moving blinds must be straight. The answer is usually to have blinds pulling upwards, or to have blinds which hang from a curved track.

Roller blinds can be mounted on the window sill, pulling upwards with a shaped top and horizontal battens to maintain the shape of the blind. Duette fabric can be cut in a curve, with bottom-up operation on a manual tensioned-cord system or with remote-control motors. High-tech Venetian blinds can be manufactured with a curved top. These blinds are available in with a wide range of colours and patterns. Aluminium vanes can even be perforated for a degree of vision through the closed blind. As vertical blinds operate horizontally, they can be mounted on a curved track with the vanes being cut longer in the centre than the edges. Modern weighted vanes do not require chain linking at the bottom, so access to the window behind is simple, even without drawing the blind. Arched windows are another situation where plantation shutters are suited; the shutters can be hinged at the sides, perfect for a door as an upwards pulling blind would obstruct access. 


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