Circular Window Blinds

Round windows are almost impossible to provide shade for without fitting a normal rectangular blind over the top of them. However, we feel this ruins the architectural merit of such a window and we aim to find better solutions.

Plantation shutters can be made to the exact shape of the window, either with horizontal vanes or radial vanes fanning out from the centre. The shutter can be removed from the window with simple catches to allow access to the glass. A similar look can be achieved with circular Venetian blinds; although they will not retract, the vanes will tilt fully. The blind is fitted into a circular frame and templated to your window size. Although a roller blind cannot be circular, a solution would be to fit a rectangular blind behind a panel with a round aperture to the size of the window. This would give the impression of a round blind whilst also hiding the workings of the blind, similar to on an aeroplane window.


Other Solutions