All Glass Structures

Glass box extensions and other all-glass structures are one of the few types of glazing where the installation of blinds is almost impossible. The lack of a frame means there is nothing to mount the blinds to, so the solution for shading is often to install a framework for the blinds. However, Grand Design Blinds is constantly innovating and we are pleased to be able to offer a solution for privacy without the requirement to compromise the architectural integrity of the frameless design.

Smart film is a polymer layer applied directly to the glass, the film is naturally opaque, providing a frosted glass look and preventing vision into the building, however, at the touch of a button the film becomes transparent. This unobtrusive solution is ideal if the building is overlooked or if the glare from the sun is to be reduced. Although the film does not provide significant shading, we are looking into new technologies whereby this can be achieved.

Projects where there is solid structure at either end of the glass box can have discreet blinds running on tensioned cables, these blend in well with glass rafters and the blind mechanisms can be concealed within recesses at either end if required, for an almost completely hidden shading solution.

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