Rooflight Blinds

Pitched or hipped rooflights are often made up of several small panes of glass in a combination of rectangles and triangles; this therefore requires many small blinds if one were to follow the line of the glass. Another option is to span longer blinds across the skylight void at normal ceiling level – this is cheaper and easier and is the ideal solution for flat rooflights.

Pleated blinds are a perennial choice, excellent for situations where a discreet solution is required as pleated blinds take up very little room when retracted and provide a clean modern look when extended. For a more traditional look, Pinoleum is perfect and available custom painted in Farrow & Ball ® colours; louvred roof shutters are also an alternative and ideal for awkwardly shaped rooflights. For very large rooflights, we might suggest high quality roller cassette blinds spanning the void with the fabric held in tracks on either side.


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